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How to beat broadband price hikes.

Broadband and phone providers are not scared of putting up prices and during the past few years there have been several inflation-busting increases. But if you're in the middle of a fixed contract and prices are hiked there is a way out.
Ofcom rules state that if a provider increases the price mid-way through your contract you are allowed to leave. You should be given 30 days in which to contact your provider to tell it you want to leave, and there should be no penalty for doing so.
There is one loophole to this, if you already knew about the rise before you signed up your provider may not let you leave without penalty.
If this is the case, it's still worth asking to leave, and for it to waive the penalty. If it won't, take your complaint to the Ombudsman. However do not cancel your direct debit until it agrees, as it may damage your credit score. 

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