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Will your landline telephone work during a power cut?

Many of us experience power cuts from time to time, which can be caused by bad weather or problems with electricity lines. The first things we look to lay our hands on are likely to be the emergency torches or candles.
But what if you need to make a phone call – to check on relatives, to report the power cut or even to contact the emergency services in the event of an accident or fire? According to Ofcom research, eight in ten homes in the UK use a cordless landline telephone – but these phones are very unlikely to work in a power cut, even if they're fully charged.
That's because the unit that plugs into the phone socket (the base station) also needs mains power to operate and rarely has a back-up battery.
However, you should still be able to use a traditional plug-in landline phone during a power cut as long as nothing has happened to bring the phone network down, too. This is because your telephone line takes its power from the local telephone exchange, which has back-up power available.
If you have a cordless phone, you could consider keeping a traditional corded phone in your house and keep it connected to the phone socket (or stored in a handy place). This will offer the greatest chance of being able to make calls during a power cut.
Additionally, if you don't already have one, consider having a mobile phone as a back-up (and remember to keep it charged and use it occasionally to make sure it is still working).

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