PlusNet gets serious with gamers


PlusNet has launched Broadband Your Way Pro, a broadband service for serious gamers who require a high quality connection to make the most out of online gaming.

Broadband Your Way Pro builds on PlusNet’s excellent ping rates and its advanced traffic management technology. This traffic management, exclusive to PlusNet, ensures that gaming traffic is given the highest priority in order to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. Users can also opt to have interleaving switched off from their connection to further improve the speed.

Available on a monthly contract, Broadband Your Way Pro is priced at £19.99 a month including a usage allowance of 10GB when online between 8am and midnight. At all other times, usage is free which is perfect for large downloads or gaming through the night.

Under Broadband Your Way Pro, gaming and VoIP traffic (such as Ventrilo and TeamSpeak) is prioritised under PlusNet’s Titanium service whilst all other activity such as browsing, email and streaming media is treated as Gold.

Mitchell Davis, username Rufio, is a serious gamer who recently achieved top 50 status in the UK whilst playing the award winning Battlefield franchise game, Battlefield 2. “PlusNet’s low ping rates make it the obvious choice for any gamer. When you’re competing online, connecting to the gaming server first can give you a real advantage over your competition and help you build up high scores.”

Customers signing up will also be offered a free 4-port wireless router worth £50 providing they stay with the service for 12 months. PlusNet is also offering a free computer game from manufacturer Ubisoft. Customers will be offered a choice from three games for PC, Xbox360 or Playstation 3 including Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and Settlers: Rise of an Empire.

“There’s nothing worse than poor broadband connections when it comes to broadband gaming – in fact in some cases, during certain online games, it can make the difference between virtual life and death,” said Neil Armstrong, products director at PlusNet. “We listened to our customers and gaming fans and have developed a service tailored to their specific needs.”




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