Tesco Mobile Number One Network for Customer Satisfaction



Tesco Mobile has reached the milestone of 2.5 million customers on Christmas Day this year after experiencing its best ever Christmas sales.

Tens of thousands of Tesco Mobile handsets were activated on Christmas Day with the iPhone proving the most popular Christmas gift for customers.

The network experienced double digit airtime growth in every quarter of 2010 as it attracted new customer types through new service and product offerings.

It is still the only network to offer the iPhone on a 12 month contract for consumers and now has a comprehensive selection of smartphones in its range including the iPhone 4 and newest Blackberry models.

The award winning network grew both its Pay as you go and contract base in every quarter of 2010 despite a highly competitive mobile market.

This success has seen Tesco Mobile grow its customer numbers by 25% in 2010. This year saw the network move into the contract market bringing more choice for consumers with the launch of 12 month contracts as well as market leading 24 month options.

Tesco Mobile continues to innovate in the mobile tariff space, recently launching two new deals aimed at the youth market, offering low cost monthly contracts with a high end handset and unlimited social networking.

The mobile operator is a joint venture between Tesco and O2 which utilises the O2 network and therefore provides first class national coverage for both voice and data, a choice factor for consumers which is becoming increasingly more vital as the uptake of mobile data rapidly increases.

Growth of the Tesco Mobile network has also been fuelled by the roll out of Tesco Phone Shops.

There are now almost 200 Phone Shops across the UK providing Tesco shoppers with convenient access to a comprehensive range of Tesco Mobile phones, mobiles for other major networks, accessories, broadband services, landlines, top up and Tesco international calling card.

The retailer has just launched its first standalone Phone Shop in Bristol allowing customers on the high street to benefit from Tesco Phone Shop value and have access to the Tesco Mobile brand.

Tesco Phone Shops have also seen growth internationally across the Tesco estate and there are now Phone Shops in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and South Korea.

Lance Batchelor, Chief Executive Officer of Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms said: “Tesco Mobile is well on its way to becoming the number one MVNO in the UK. It is continuing to grow its Pay as you go and Pay Monthly base in a declining market space which highlights the network’s appeal to our mobile savvy nation.

“We have a unique position in the mobile market place because we are able to reward customers in hundreds of ways through Clubcard. We’re focused on giving consumers real and valuable rewards that encourage their loyalty and help them get the best value from their provider.

“The rapid expansion of the network of Tesco Phone Shops in 2010 has enabled us to deliver service and value through telecoms retailing to millions of Tesco Shoppers and has brought Tesco Mobile as a network to the attention of consumers.”

Top mobile buying tips for Christmas shoppers


“With smartphones due to be at the top of people’s gift lists this Christmas, customers should look closely at the size and performance of the network they are thinking of joining, because to get the most out of their new phone they need a 3G network that can cope with its demands. People also need to consider the data allowance that is bundled into their price plan in order to avoid download disappointment on Christmas day. A healthy data allowance is vital to support the flurry of excited app downloading, internet surfing, Facebook updating, email sharing of festive pictures and music streaming that will follow the opening of Smartphone gifts like the iPhone 4, HTC Desire HD and BlackBerry Torch this Christmas.” said Three’s Sales and Marketing Director Marc Allera.

Three reminds shoppers this Christmas to consider the network that will support their smartphone choice:

* When choosing a tariff, beware of terms like “unlimited” which some outlets use to apply to anything from 500MB.

Look for hidden freebies – internet sites like Twitter, Facebook 0, Skype and Windows Live Messenger are all free to use on Three, freeing up your data allowance for other mobile internet activities.

Bundled tariffs are a great way of making sure that you’ve got plenty data, texts and calls to make the most of your smartphone without worrying about bill shock. However value for money can vary widely across network deals – for example, take a look at our iPhone 4 price comparison chart below. The One Plan on Three is great for people who want piece of mind and like to know exactly how much they’ll spend each month. For people who use their phone less, Three has a great range of value tariffs such as the HTC Wildfire from £15 a month with 500MB data and 300 minutes, texts or a mix of the two; or the BlackBerry Curve from £20 a month with 500MB data, 100 minutes and 5000 texts.

* If you’re opting for a smartphone on Pay as You Go, look for great value adds-ons. Three’s All-in-One 10 Pay as You Go plan gives you 500MB of internet as well as 100 minutes, 3,000 texts for just £10. Buy your Pay as You Go SIM pre-loaded with All-in-One 10 so that you’ve plenty of data, text and call time to keep you going over the Christmas period . Three has a wide range of smartphones available on Pay As You Go, including Android handsets for under £100.

* Make sure you’ve got strong 3G coverage in your area, because a 3G signal is vital if you are going to get the best out of your new smartphone. Three has the UK’s biggest 3G network and has just spent a further £400m upgrading it to ensure more than 97% of the population are covered for mobile internet as well as calls and texts. You can check your area is covered here: http://www.three.co.uk/Mobile_Broadband/Coverage_speed



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TalkTalk predicts blizzard of international calls this Christmas



British families will spend 15 million minutes phoning loved ones overseas this Christmas Day, according to analysis from phone and broadband company TalkTalk.

The company’s research shows that the most popular country to call at Christmas is Australia, followed by the USA and Canada. Apart from New Zealand, which is the joint-ninth most popular country to call, all the other countries in the top 10 are in Europe.
Countries with traditionally large British expat populations, such as France, Spain and Portugal, are expected to receive a high number of calls, along with Germany, where many members of the armed forces are still based. Ireland and Poland, two countries with large immigrant populations in the UK, are also in the international calling top 10.
A survey of TalkTalk customers who regularly call overseas found that 35% of them will make more international calls over Christmas than normal, as they ring friends and family to celebrate. More than a quarter (26%) say they make international calls once a week or more, regardless of the time of the year.
And while 43% of those surveyed said they will make their international calls on Christmas Day, 25% will ring on Christmas Eve and another 23% on Boxing Day.
Siblings are the most frequent recipients of a call from home, with 53% of people surveyed calling overseas doing so to catch up with their brother or sister. More people said they would be calling friends overseas at Christmas (35%) than children (33%) or parents (18%).
Meanwhile TalkTalk’s research found that, if every UK phone customer used TalkTalk’s international call boost this Christmas, phone users could save an estimated £2.3m.

According to the TalkTalk survey the most popular countries to call this Christmas are:
Country Percentage of TalkTalk customers surveyed who will be calling friends or family there this Christmas
1 Australia 39%
2 USA 35%
3 Canada 18%
4 Ireland 14%
5 Spain 12%
6 Germany 8%
= 7 France 6%
= 7 Portugal 6%
= 9 New Zealand 4%
=9 Poland 4%
Tristia Clarke, commercial director at TalkTalk, said: “Christmas is traditionally the peak time for international calls – for some people it’s one of the only times they catch up with their friends and family around the world, while for others it’s a time to share family news and have an extended gossip. That’s why we’ve created an international calls boost for £2.99 a month, allowing people to call 36 countries for as long as they want for an incredibly low, flat price.”

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Facebook for Android gets chat and push notifications


Social network addicts can now chat as well receive automatic notifications on Facebook for Android thanks to the latest update.

The software update to version 1.5 enables the same chat functionality found on the iOS app and the browser version of Facebook, which means you will now be able to see who’s online and start a conversation.

Better yet, the chat runs completely in the background so you can continue to use other apps in between replying to messages. And to sweeten things up more, there’s now also push notifications, which automatically alert you when you have received a message, comment, ‘like’ or other content.

The latest edition brings the Facebook for Android one step closer to being on par with its iPhone counterpart, which has always been treated more favourably by Facebook. But with Android phones setting the charts on fire, that may not be the case for much longer.

The update is available right now in the Android Market and is free to download.




Apple abandons iPhone jailbreak detection API


Apple has secretly removed an API from iOS 4.2 that allowed it to detect unlocked iPhones, in a move that might suggest the Cupertino giant is ready to throw in the towel in its battle to fight jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking, which involves unlocking the iPhone to install apps that aren’t deemed kosher by Apple and change the default carrier of the handset, was made legal in a ruling by US lawmakers not long ago.

Although the smartphone maker hasn’t explained its reasons for pulling the plug on the API just six months after its introduction, it’s likely due to the fact that jailbreakers have already found a way to overcome the measure.

There were also concerns that the API was vulnerable to unauthorised modifications that could potentially put enterprise users at risk.

Another theory is that app developers are starting employ their own jailbreak detection techniques, which in the long run could be far more effective in fighting piracy than a one-size-fits-all solution. As far as the act of jailbreaking is concerned, Apple has no legal ground to block it without drawing criticism, or worse, a lawsuit.


Three slashes the price of International calling


Three’s PAYG customers now have a cheaper and easier way to call friends, family or colleagues abroad.

Three has cut the prices of calling international mobiles and landlines, with calls starting at just 2p per minute to countries including Ireland and Poland.
PAYG customers just need to dial a shortcode followed by the number of the person they want to speak to, to access some of the best prices in the market.
The new prices mean calls to 25 key destinations are now even more affordable.
Prices start at just 3p per minute to Indian landlines and mobiles; 2p per minute to Polish landlines; 3p per minute to Chinese mobiles and landlines; 4p per minute to Bangladeshi mobiles and landlines, and 6p per minute to Pakistani landlines.
Calling landlines or mobiles in the USA now costs just 3p, as do similar calls to Canada, while Australia costs 3p per minute to landlines or 14p per minute to mobiles. Calls to Ireland meanwhile come in at 2p per minute to landlines and 14p per minute to mobiles, and phoning Germany will set you back 3p per minute to a landline or 12p per minute to a landline.
Three’s PAYG customers can programme their most frequently used overseas numbers, proceeded by the prefix for that location, into their phones for ease of use, so they don’t have to type them in every time they dial.
The service has been running since April this year and due to its success the decision was made to extend and expand the service, adding 13 new countries and better prices across the board.
To access the service, all PAYG customers need to do is top-up their credit – something that already gives them a bunch of free texts, free data allowances and free Three-to-Three calls, and start calling.

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iPhone “most desired” by women, but men still prefer Android more


A study conducted to find the “most desired” smartphone operating system has revealed that Apple’s iOS is a bigger draw for the ladies, while Android continues to be the top choice for men.

Market research firm Nielsen released data that paints a clear picture of the gender discrepancy when comes down the choice of smartphone OS.

No less than 30.9 per cent of women prefer iOS, compared to just 22.8 per cent willing to pick Android. However, Google’s platform is still a hit with blokes and geeks alike, with 32.6 per cent of the less pretty sex naming it their number one OS. The study also found that iOS is the operating system most desired by both genders, with 30 per cent likely to upgrade to an iDevice next. Android isn’t far behind, though, managing an impressive 28 per cent of prospective buyers.

Back in August, a similar study revealed that iPhone owners, particularly females, are more “promiscuous” than their Android-toting counterparts. Putting two and two together, it’s not hard to see that Apple’s smartphone clearly has a bigger sex appeal, especially for women.




Cold spell sends Britain snap happy


The snow may becausing chaos on the roads and preventing people getting to
work, but it has brought out the photographer in the nation’s mobile phone users. It seems we love sending each other pictures of snowy landscapes.
Over three quarters of a million pictures were taken and sent by Vodafone UK
customers on December 1, as wintery conditions took hold across the country.
Vodafone’s figures show that huge numbers of people got out of bed yesterday to
snap the snowy scene outside to send to friends and family. Between 6am and
noon, the volume of picture messages on Vodafone’s network was up 155% on
the same time the previous week. Across the day as a whole, MMS traffic was up
Britain’s big freeze is also testing the ability of businesses to let staff work
remotely. With Vodafone’s reliable network, people stuck at home have been
able to stay intouch with colleagues and customers despite the weather. Calls
made on Vodafone’s network yesterday were up more than 17%, while people
sent 15% more texts than in the previous week as workers contacted their
offices and worked from home.
Many home-bound workers are relying upon Vodafone’s Sure Signal to boost
their Vodafone 3G mobile signal at home. Usage of Vodafone’s innovative device,
which plugs in to a home broadband line, was up more than a quarter yesterday.
In the morning, usage was up 50%, indicating a very high level of home-working.