3D phone gets mixed reviews at mobile world congress


The world’s first 3D mobile phone has been launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. You don’t need glasses to see three-dimensional images on LG’s Optimus 3D smartphone, as it uses similar technology to Nintendo’s 3Ds handheld console.

The phone can also shoot photos and videos in 3D. Critics say it’s a gimmick that will make the Optimus 3D more expensive when it goes on sale in the UK this year.

Tim Michel is the boss of LG in the UK and Ireland. “There are more 3D films now, more 3D TVs being sold. People understand the experience and they like it.!

Stephen Cutbill doesn’t think he’ll ever need a 3D smartphone “You don’t need any glasses and it’s a wonderful experience. It’s definitely not a gimmick. You can record, capture and share all in 3D. We’re going to have three 3D games at launch and more games companies are getting on board with 3D too.

“There are a lot of smartphones around but not a lot of difference between them, so we think having a phone with 3D puts us ahead in the market.”

But not everyone is sure it’s the way forward for mobiles.

Twenty-seven-year-old Stephen Cutbill, who’s been checking it out, doesn’t think he’ll ever want one. He said: “I don’t see much need for it and you have to have the phone very straight on to see anything. It’s a bit of a gimmick to be honest. I think 3D could catch on more when the need for glasses has been completely obliterated, but I don’t think the technology is really there yet.”

Rick Sidoli is 30 and isn’t blown away either. “I’m always dubious about these things,” he said. “Will you get annoyed with looking at a 3D screen all the time? It seems like icing sugar on top of a cake and the actual cake isn’t that good. It looks good but if Apple turned up with one iPhone 5, even if it wasn’t in 3D, that whole stand would have emptied in two seconds. It’s still fuzzy 3D at the moment and they’ve got to improve it, but give it 18 months and everyone will have a 3D phone.”


BT Wi-Fi Hotspot Numbers Pass 3.5 Million


BT today announced that its Wi-Fi hotspot numbers have hit a new high with 3.5 million across the UK and Ireland. BT has also launched a new BT FON app for BT home broadband customers giving easier hotspot login from a Blackberry.

BT Total Broadband customers have free and unlimited access to the one of the largest Wi-Fi networks in the world.

The numbers include more than 380,000 in London, 25,000 in Birmingham and Leeds, around 20,000 in Manchester, Edinburgh and Sheffield, and more than 11,000 in Liverpool, Brighton, Bristol and Cardiff.

The new Blackberry app, which makes it simple to get online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9qJZPM0sfs follows the success of apps for Apple and Android users. The apps are in response to the smartphone and tablet boom. These devices are now overtaking laptops and PCs as the Wi-Fi device of choice.

BT Wi-Fi hotspots are free to six million BT broadband home and business customers. They are found at homes, independent businesses, city centres and well-known brands including Hilton, Thistle, Ramada Jarvis and Macdonald hotels’, Starbucks , Welcome Break and RoadChef Costa service stations, American Airlines and SkyTeam airport lounges plus Network Rail stations.

John Petter, managing director, consumer, said: “Millions of BT broadband customers are enjoying free access to the one of the biggest Wi-Fi networks in the world. Our free apps for the Apple, Android and now Blackberry devices make getting online even easier and have already proved a huge hit with over 900,000 downloads.”




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