Orange launches ‘Swapables’ for pay monthly incentives


Orange has announced ‘Swapables’, a range of multimedia and entertainment-focussed perks to add more value to its contract options.

The freebies, of which there are 12 to choose from, are available with all Panther tariffs starting £25 per month. Customers can select up to two per month, with the option to change them every 30 days.

Treats include premium multimedia subscriptions designed to appeal to a variety of interests. Sports and TV junkies, for example, can choose Sky Sports Mobile TV, offering Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4 gratis, and Mobile TV for the news and shows from ITV, Channel 4, Five, British Eurosport and MyMovies.

Music lovers, meanwhile, have access to unlimited streaming of over 13 million tunes on Deezer, as well as their favourite shows on MTV.

Bookworms aren’t left out either, with hundreds of books to read from the Orange Book Club. And for those who prefer reading their news on the go, there are free subscriptions available for The Times and Sunday Time, too.

Others swapables include PlayGames, GoCommute, Daily Puzzler, 247 Sport and Russel Grant’s Astrology.

To sign up for Swapables, head over to Orange’s site, select a handset and choose the Panther tariff most suitable for you. Once your phone arrives, you’ll receive an activation text, after which you can visit Orange World to choose your Swapables.














Thousands of motorists get an unexpected surprise from T-Mobile



Car drivers across the UK will be gifted thousands of pounds, disguised as parking fines, today as teams of phoney traffic wardens take to the streets in a countrywide stunt being pulled by T-Mobile.

Famous for featuring unsuspecting members of the public in its TV ads, T-Mobile is turning its attention to motorists and traffic wardens to give them an unexpected surprise in the stunt. Teams of actors and comedians, dressed as traffic wardens, have been employed by the leading mobile communications brand to place reverse-fines on hundreds of legally parked cars across England, Scotland and Wales.

Streets and car parks around the country have been rigged with hidden cameras to capture the reactions of unsuspecting drivers returning to their cars. Millions of people are expected to witness the funniest reactions when they are featured in a new TV ad airing this Friday night at 9.15pm on Channel 5.

In a twist to be captured by the cameras, the imitation parking tickets will, instead of a fine, contain a £5, £10, £20 or £50 note and a good day message from T-Mobile in celebration of the launch of the new You Fix plan. The brand will be giving away thousands of pounds throughout the course of today as it films its Parking Ticket advert.

Drivers parking in and around the surrounding areas of Newcastle, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham and Manchester are expected to be most likely to receive the special fines. Over £300 million has already been handed out by traffic wardens across the UK in the last 12 months, with these regions some of the worst hit in the UK.

Adhesive yellow parking fines will be stuck to car windscreens by comedians working in teams in each area. The comedians have been recruited locally and will be dressed in full traffic warden uniforms to ensure authenticity and elicit the best reactions from unsuspecting members of the public. Thousands of cars are expected to be approached throughout the course of the day.

Spencer McHugh, Director of Brand, T-Mobile, comments: “That sinking feeling you get when you return to your car to find a bright yellow parking fine plastered on the window is all too familiar for millions of motorists so we’re hoping to raise a few smiles with our ad and give motorists a surprise they won’t be expecting. We wanted to demonstrate in a fun and engaging way T-Mobile’s new plan, You Fix, which helps customers control their spending and ensure they never get a surprise bill at the end of the month.”

Recent research by the brand revealed spend control is a major factor that customers would like to include in their plans. One third (33 per cent) of the parents included in the research revealed not only that they are paying the bills, but also that the kids are spending more than the agreed monthly amount on their mobile phone bills – equivalent to £150 million a year. Customers signing up to You Fix will get a set allowance of minutes, texts and a Flexible Booster for a fixed monthly amount, on a short 12 month plan. For any more minutes or texts needed, customers can simply top–up as they would on pay as you go – meaning they’ll never pay more than they expect.

In the advert, hundreds of hours of footage will be captured by the covert cameras, which will be edited in less than 72 hours into a single 2 minute ad. It will air nationwide on Friday night at 9pm on Channel 5.









Jersey Telecom changes name to JT

Jersey’s government owned telecom company said it was not cutting its links with the island after changing its name to JT.
Jersey’s government owned telecom company said it was not cutting its links with the island after changing its name to JT.
The company is no longer referring to itself as Jersey Telecom and said its revenue from overseas was catching up with what it makes on the island. It has had a subsidiary in Guernsey called Wave Telecom for nine years.
Graeme Millar, chief executive of JT Global, said they would remain routed in Jersey but do have expansion plans. He said: “These days we are more than just Jersey and we are more than just telecoms. As recently as 2009 85% of our sales were on Jersey, last year it was 75%, this year it will be 65% and some time in the next year or two for the first time in over 130 years more than half of our sales will be outside of Jersey.”
Mr Millar said this was the first time in 10 years they had touched the branding of the company and that it would save them money. He said: “We have repackaged our sim cards and that re-packaging alone is going to save us about £100,000 per year.”

Next Android update to be called ‘Jelly Bean’?


The next, next iteration of Android could be called ‘Jelly Bean’, in keeping with the platform’s time-honoured policy of naming updates after sweet things you can eat in alphabetical order.

The folk over at This Is My Next have reportedly been told by a well-informed tipster that Jelly Bean is in the running for possible names the next major iteration of Google’s OS.

So far, each update released since version 1.5, aka Cupcake, has launched with a codename borrowed from an assortment of desserts and baked goods. The two editions of the software currently available are Gingerbread and Honeycomb, which will be succeeded by Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) sometime in October or November. Following this pattern, the next update is dead cert to start with J, and out of a list of most probable candidates, Jelly Bean (or Jello as we’ve suspected for a while) seems to stand out the most.

Whatever it ends up being named, Google is unlikely to announce anything until its next I/O event, which has always taken place in May. For the time being, the search giant’s focus will clearly be on ICS, which is aimed to bridge the gap between Gingerbread and Honeycomb for a deluge of Android smartphones currently in the works, including the Google Nexus Prime.