Downloading and using mobile apps

Some apps are free to download and some apps are paid for. Some apps that are free to download, sometimes have charges for add-ons. For example, you may pay to go to the next level, or to buy virtual items. Apps can send texts from your phone to pay for these digital items.
Our top tips:
1. Think about security – treat your mobile devices just like you treat your desktop computer.
2. Trust your instincts – if the app or offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.
3. Download apps from the main app stores, but be aware that occasionally, untrustworthy apps can get onto reputable app stores before they are removed.
4. Don’t rush when downloading apps:
Always read the reviews that others have written about the app – do they look genuine?
Make sure you understand what the app really does and what you are getting.
Many phones will tell while you’re installing an app, if it can charge you by sending SMS messages. Make sure you check the app “permissions” while you’re downloading.
5. After downloading any app, be careful if clicking on any in-app ads, new app icons or notifications that you don’t recognise