Sky Q box is stuck on standby or slow to respond

If your Sky Q box is stuck on standby, or slow to respond, here are a few checks to carry out.

1. Check for a fault with your Sky Q remote –

Press ? on your Sky Q remote and check the light on it flashes.
2. If the remote doesn’t flash, you need to check problems with your Sky Q remote. If your remote does flash, press Home.
3. If the standby light on your Sky Q box remains on red or amber or is slow to respond, press the Standby button on the front panel of the box.
4.  If your box displays a green light, then the Sky Q remote isn’t working with the Sky Q box. Go to Restart your Sky Q box below. If your box remains on red or amber, or continues to be slow, check for ventilation issues.

To keep your box well ventilated:

Avoid placing the Sky Q box on a carpet or in an enclosed space, such as a closed cabinet. Allow at least 10cm of space above and on all sides of the box vents.

Don’t stack other devices on top of, underneath, or beside your Sky Q box.

Keep the box away from heat, such as vents on TVs and electronic devices, radiators and direct sunlight.

6. Restart your Sky Q box – Switch your Sky Q box off at the mains. Check that both ends of all cables are securely connected. Switch your Sky Q box back on at the mains. Wait for the onscreen instructions to disappear then press Home on your Sky Q remote. If you’re still having problems, try the Recovery procedure.
 7. Recovery procedure – Switch your Sky Q box off at the mains. Hold down the standby button on the box, then switch it back on at the mains. Keep the standby button held down until you see alternating red and amber lights on the front of the box. This will start a software update. If the lights don’t show after 30 seconds, repeat steps 1 to 3. If it still doesn’t work, there may be a fault with your box. The update can take up to 15 minutes and once it’s complete, you’ll be prompted to press Home on your Sky Q remote to finish.
If you’re still having problems you will need to contact Sky.