Make your phone’s battery last longer

Make your phone’s battery last longer between charges
1) If you don’t plan on using them turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G.
2) Decrease your brightness settings.
3) Don’t use the vibrate function, use a ringtone.
4) Switch off your phone whenever you don’t plan to answer calls, for example, while you’re sleeping or in a location that doesn’t get reception.
5) Disable key tones.
6) Set your phone to enter power saver mode – this means when it’s inactive, the screen will automatically turn off.
7) Whilst charging, try not to use your phone as it will take longer to complete.
To find out where these features are in your phone, check its user manual.
The following battery-saving features are also included in many smartphones: Flight mode – this means you can’t make calls, connect to the internet or send messages. You should only use flight mode, if you’re certain you won’t need these features. Battery saver mode – this means your phone will turn off some services, including automatic emails, to preserve its battery. You’ll need to get your emails manually.
Tip – Once your phone’s charged, unplug it from the wall to save you energy.