Porting your number to your new phone

What is MNP?
Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the industry agreed process by which a customer can switch from one network operator to another and take their existing mobile number with them, for example from Vodafine to O2.
Transferring your number – The Mobile Number Portabililty (MNP) process:
1) Request a PAC number from your existing Network customer services.
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3) Contact the customer service dept of your new Network when you receive your new phone, and give them your PAC number.
Starting the process:
1) Contact your current network provider and ask for a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC).
2) The PAC number is your authority to request a transfer and will allow the Network you wish to move to, to request your number be transferred to them.
3) Your current Service Provider can only refuse to issue a PAC for the following two reasons:
a) Your number is disconnected – i.e. you must not cancel your existing contract before requesting a PAC number
b) You have not yet fulfilled your obligations under your existing minimum term contract
Note: Your PAC number is only valid for 30 calendar days; your request must be submitted to the new network within that period.
What do I need to do next?
For most networks you are connecting to, it is possible to port your number after connection. When your new handset arrives it will make and receive calls with a temporary number. Simply call the new network customer services and pass them the PAC number you have. The network will arrange port dates with your old network, and on the agreed date your number will be moved across to the new handset.
How long does it take?
After requesting a PAC number from your existing network, they are required to supply it to you within a few days (providing you have fulfilled the obligations of your contract) however some networks will supply it immediately. After relaying your PAC number to your new network, the porting process should be completed within 2 working days. Mobile networks vary.
Important information:
The following points should be read carefully as they may apply to your circumstances:
1) If you are transferring a pay as you go number, any credits with your current network will not be transferred to the new network
2) A request from the new network to transfer your number represents a notice to terminate your existing subscription with your current network
3) The issuing of a PAC number against a mobile number will revoke any previous disconnection request
4) Service charges and any associated subscription charges will continue if no transfer request is received by your current network, even if you’ve previously given notice
5) You can not port your number to your existing network. If you wish to keep your number and stay on your current network you need to follow the current upgrade procedure