Using Your Phone Abroad

Using Your Phone Abroad:
1) Make sure your phone will work in the country you’re travelling to – if you’re not sure, contact your network directly.
2) Call your network to set up your account so you’re ready to go. When you call they may:
a) Set up roaming on your account so your phone will work when you’re abroad
b) Ask if you’d like an additional bolt-on added to your account to save you money on calls, texts or data whilst you’re away
c) Did you know there is a cap on the amount you spend on data whilst abroad that applies across the whole of the EU?
3) If you use the internet on your phone, make sure you know how much it costs and how to turn off automatic downloads before you go away.
4) Turn off your voicemail. You’ll be charged when your phone diverts a call to voicemail. This is because your phone is receiving a call and then making one back to the UK to record the message.
5) On some phones, there’s an option to forward all your calls to another number when you’re roaming. Check your phones manual for more information.
EU data cap:
When visiting the EU, your internet usage will be automatically capped at 50 euros per billing period (subject to change)
To stop you running up huge bills while you’re abroad, EU legislation means networks must cap your data usage in EU countries at 50 euros (roughly £40) excluding VAT. The cap only applies to internet use – calls and line rental charges can be higher
Everyone is opted into the cap. You will need to contact your network to opt out
You’ll usually get text messages to warn you if you’re approaching your limit
When you arrive home, you can use the internet on your phone as normal
Before you travel, check your network’s policy on the data roaming cap
Although the data cap applies to all networks, they have different procedures in place for how and when they’ll let you know you’ve reached your data limit.
When you’re abroad:
Your phone will usually pick up the foreign network immediately. If it doesn’t, you may need to search for it yourself – you can usually do this by selecting Settings > Networks on your handset (Check your phones manual for more information)
You’ll be charged for receiving calls
Making and receiving international calls can be expensive – please carefully monitor the calls you make and don’t use your call limit to budget. This will ensure you don’t get bill shock
You will be charged for listening to voicemail messages
Using your phone outside of the UK is called Roaming. Your phone’s tariff is only valid for use in the UK. So, when you’re abroad, making calls, sending texts and using the internet is possible because a foreign network is providing your phone with the service
The foreign network will then charge your network for this service, which in turn, pasts the cost on to you
When you get back from abroad:
If you changed your voicemail settings, make sure you don’t forget to change them back
Your international call charges will be added on to your bill as soon as they arrive from the foreign network. This can take up to six weeks, so your next bill may not include all these charges
Different countries charge calls in different increments – some by the second and some by the minute
For more information about using your phone abroad, please contact your network directly.