Troubleshooting your tablet

Many tablets are  assumed to be faulty, when in fact they only required simple fixes that you can easily make yourself.
If your device won’t turn on:
Plug it into the main and charge it. Batteries can go flat unexpectedly or after a few days of no use, so always make sure you try and charge your device if it won’t boot.
 If your tablet won’t charge:
Sometimes the battery can get so low that it takes time for the tablet to recognise it is being charged. If after 16 minutes your tablet isn’t charging, try a different charger. Always ensure you use a charger that is designed for your tablet, as some chargers are lower powered and may not charge your tablet correctly
If apps have disappeared:
This could be because you’ve recently installed a software update that’s incompatible with the app. To fix this remove the app and reinstall it (if it was a paid app, you won’t need to pay again – your personal details are registered with your app store account).
 If your screen orientation is the wrong way round:
For a number of tablets, when you hold them lengthways or widthways, what’s on screen will move with you. If you find this isn’t working as it should, it could be the app you’re using. Certain apps aren’t built to move with different screen orientations. Identify whether it’s the app by closing it and doing something different on your tablet.
If your tablet enters sleep mode when you’re using it:
This can be because the battery is too low to function (so plug it into the mains) or because it’s overheated. If you can, take a break from your tablet, however, if you’re in the middle of something ensure it’s placed on a hard flat surface and that the fan elements are not obstructed.
If you’ve got water in your tablet:
Even if there doesn’t appear to be any damage to your tablet, you should still turn it off and, if possible, take out the battery. Then leave the components in an air tight container with uncooked rice for a couple of days.
If your tablet won’t connect to your wireless network:
Make sure that the network you’re trying to connect to is your own and that you had the right password. Often the network name and password is written on the underside of your Wi-Fi modem or router.
If your battery’s draining too quickly:
Turn off Adobe Flash add-ons. If they’re set to ‘Always on’, this uses up a lot of battery. Ensure that any connections you’re not using are turned off – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.
Prevent your tablet from being damaged:
1) When transferring data from your tablet to a memory card, don’t allow your tablet to go into sleep mode before the transfer is complete. To do so might cause damage to your data.
2) If your tablet has a screen, never pick it by this, support it underneath. Additionally don’t allow the screen to fall too far backwards.
3) Don’t leave your mobile phone near your device.
4) Don’t keep your tablet constantly plugged into the mains. It’s better for the battery if you allow your tablet to use up all of its conserved power, before plugging it in.