About Us

About Us


We are a price comparison site and we do not sell mobile phones, telecom or broadband services directly. Nether do we operate mobile or broadband networks.
If you decide to purchase something based on the information we make available – if you ‘click through’ to a deal you want from a page on our site – sometimes, though not all the time, our site will paid a small commission for sending you their way. This costs you nothing. The price you pay will always be equal to, or less than, the price you will pay by going direct to the provider. In short, we always present the best deals we can find for you, regardless of whether the site benefits financially.

Some of the deals featured are exclusive to us – tagged #peoplesdeal! – Again this have been neogtiated on the merit of the product or service offered rather than the financial renumeration, if any, offered by the supplier.

Our advice is neither swayed nor tainted by commissions. The Editorial Team take any notice of any financial renumeration that maybe in place when writing content for the site. Often we make nothing for pointing you in the right direction, because unlike many comparison sites we neither hide nor exclude deals that will make us no commission. We’re cool with that, because we have your interests at heart. We’re just happy to have supplied you with the information you need in order to choose the right deal for you.

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