Been rejected for a contract? No credit history? No problem!​

Compare 100% guaranteed SIM only plans with no credit check that will accept you even if you have bad credit history or have been declined already. They are ideal if you’ve been through a difficult patch financially and can even assist you to help repair your credit rating. But they’re handy for other reasons too.

If you’re new to the UK, you may struggle to qualify for contract because you’ve got no credit history in this country. But you can get around that with a no credit check SIM only deal.

Teenagers and young adults are also unlikely to be accepted by networks for a standard monthly contract because they’re not yet old enough to have a credit history. If you’ve moved house frequently or are on a zero-hours contract, both of which can damage your standing with mobile phone networks, a no credit check contract could be just the ticket.

Get a great value SIM only plan with no credit check and no contract. Pop it into an unlocked mobile phone ….. and you’re good to go!
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Providers may increase the price during your contract, in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI), published by the Office for National Statistics. If the increase is excessive you should be able to exit without penalty. Ofcom has more information on how to complain about your provider and comparative information on complaints handling.

Tariffs featuring ‘unlimited’ allowances may be subject to traffic management or fair usage policies. Prices shown are based on the assumption a user will not exceed their inclusive allowance. Costs for additional out-of-allowance usage are provided on the networks website.  If you choose to pay via a method other than direct debit or you would like itemised or paper billing, you may incur additional charges to those displayed. All prices shown are inclusive of VAT.